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Added missing sslCAinfo option in doc

* added missing sslCAinfo for git clone example (needed for cert validation over https)
* cosmetic change for readability

Signed-off-by: Fabian Arrotin <>
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arrfab authored and mergify committed Aug 29, 2018
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@@ -87,13 +87,20 @@ Or, again, start the `repospanner.service` unit file.
Repository access

After this, the service will be available on
https://<node.fqdn>:<httpsport>/, for git repo pull/push, add a
/repo/<repo-name>.git. Example clone command: "git clone --config
http.sslcert=/etc/pki/repospanner/someuser.crt --config
After this, the service will be available on https://<node.fqdn>/

For git repo pull/push, add a /repo/<repo-name>.git.
Example clone command for default https port on tcp/443 and repo name being "test"

git clone \
--config http.sslcert=/etc/pki/repospanner/someuser.crt \
--config http.sslkey=/etc/pki/repospanner/someuser.key \
--config http.sslCAinfo=/etc/pki/repospanner/<repospanner-CA>.crt \

Alternatively, for ssh based pushing and pulling, make sure that the users'
entry console is the `repobridge` binary, and the client_config.yml file is setup
in /etc/repospanner.

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