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RepoForge Project Website README

RepoForge website

This is the Jeykll website content for

Goal of the website:

  • how to install RepoForge
  • how to cooperate/contribute
  • information for mirror users
  • where to find information

Places information need to come from:

Quick Start Guide

How to get a copy of this website running on your local machine.

  • have git, ruby and gem (w00t RVM) > * yum install git asciidoc
  • gem install jekyll bluecloth redcloth github-markup
  • git clone git://
  • cd
  • jekyll --auto --serve
  • browse to: http://localhost:4000/
  • hack hack hack

Random Notes

GitHub supports ASCIIdoc but getting that working on the localhost with jeykll has proven to be troublesome. Getting the ball rolling with markdown as default markup. Helpful hint for markdown: gem install cheat and then cheat markdown.

Web design: html5 + blueprint + ghetto css to start with.