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@@ -41,12 +41,12 @@ We have a few requirements for those wishing to run a mirror:
#### Mirroring techniques ####
We only support rsync for updating mirrors. You can find details on rsync at Update your mirror with:
- /usr/bin/rsync -vai4CH --safe-links --delay-updates --delete rsync:// /path/to/local/mirror/root
+ /usr/bin/rsync -vai4CH --safe-links --delay-updates --delete rsync:// /path/to/local/mirror/root
We highly recommend the use of lock file in your cron script, so that you don't spawn multiple connections, which is hard on our servers and on your mirror. Update your mirror with:
- /usr/bin/flock -w 60 /var/lock/EUAK1qEPB3SM /usr/bin/rsync -vai4CH --safe-links --delay-updates --delete rsync:// /path/to/local/mirror/root
+ /usr/bin/flock -w 60 /var/lock/EUAK1qEPB3SM /usr/bin/rsync -vai4CH --safe-links --delay-updates --delete rsync:// /path/to/local/mirror/root
Create your unique lockfile with:

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