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A SnapKit adapter to support running apps in the browser using TeaVM.

Check out this video demo of the Quickest way to Java in the Browser.

This project is a SnapKit adapter to use TeaVM to build SnapKit apps in JavaScript. To build SnapKit apps in SnapCode:

  • Clone this project in the SnapCode directory of your home directory
  • Create a new project and add SnapTea as a dependent project in project settings
  • Call snaptea.TV.set() in your main method (before anything else)

Then when you double-click on a .java file with a main method including TV.set(), it will:

  • Build a bin/tea directory in your bin directory with index.html, classes.js and runtime.js
  • Open the index.html in the platform browser

And that's it - You should see your Java desktop app in the browser!