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Pytest plugin for reporting test results of the Pytest to the ReportPortal.


To install pytest plugin execute next command in a terminal:

pip install pytest-reportportal

Look through the CONTRIBUTING.rst for contribution guidelines.


Prepare the config file pytest.ini in root directory of tests or specify any one using pytest command line option:

py.test -c config.cfg

The pytest.ini file should have next mandatory fields:

  • rp_api_key - value could be found in the User Profile section
  • rp_project - name of project in ReportPortal
  • rp_endpoint - address of ReportPortal Server

Example of pytest.ini:

rp_api_key = fb586627-32be-47dd-93c1-678873458a5f
rp_endpoint =
rp_project = user_personal
rp_launch = AnyLaunchName
rp_launch_attributes = 'PyTest' 'Smoke'
rp_launch_description = 'Smoke test'
rp_ignore_attributes = 'xfail' 'usefixture'
  • The rp_api_key can also be set with the environment variable RP_API_KEY. This will override the value set for rp_api_key in pytest.ini

There are also optional parameters:


For logging of the test item flow to ReportPortal, please, use the python logging handler provided by plugin like bellow:


import logging
import sys

import pytest

from reportportal_client import RPLogger

def rp_logger():
    logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
    return logger

in tests:

# In this case only INFO messages will be sent to the ReportPortal.
def test_one(rp_logger):"Case1. Step1")
    x = "this""x is: %s", x)
    assert 'h' in x

    # Message with an attachment.
    import subprocess
    free_memory = subprocess.check_output("free -h".split())
        "Case1. Memory consumption",
            "name": "free_memory.txt",
            "data": free_memory,
            "mime": "application/octet-stream",

    # This debug message will not be sent to the ReportPortal.
    rp_logger.debug("Case1. Debug message")


To run test with ReportPortal you must provide '--reportportal' flag:

py.test ./tests --reportportal

Check the documentation to find more detailed information about how to integrate pytest with ReportPortal using an agent:

Copyright Notice

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license (see the LICENSE file).