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EC2 web app template

This is a template I use to quickly set up Node.js-backed web apps on Amazon EC2

  • Less than 15 minutes from start to finish
  • Eligible/compatible with the "AWS Free Usage Tier"
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • High-performance Nginx HTTP server
    • Sensible default configuration (three flavors to chose from)
    • Automatically handles all static file requests
    • Delegates non-static requests to the Node.js web server
  • Git-based deployment
  • Init.d scripts

This template enables a very smooth, simple and scalable workflow

  • When developing locally, the single command bin/ runs your web server and takes care of serving static files
  • When deploying changes (after a git push), myapp-update restart deploys changes and restarts services on your server
  • Rolling back the server to an earlier version is a simple as myapp-update restart v0.1.2

Here's a guide on getting started with Amazon EC2:

Let's get started! Head over to