A package of flat vector icons along with an icon font
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IcoMoon Font.svg


This is a free version of IcoMoon with 300 icons. More icons will be added to this package over time. Watch this repository on github to be informed of future updates: https://github.com/Keyamoon/IcoMoon--limited-

NOTE: The file named *IcoMoon Font.svg* is a special SVG font that is loaded to the IcoMoon app by default. Start making your own custom fonts using this app: http://keyamoon.com/icomoon/app
Adobe Illustrator cannot open SVG fonts.

Refer to Manual.pdf to learn more. An HTML version of this guide can be found here: http://keyamoon.com/icomoon/#toDocs

Visit IcoMoon's webpage for more information: http://keyamoon.com/icomoon