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This is the official README of the AXR project.

AXR stands for Arbitrary XML Rendering. It's aim is to provide a better alternative to HTML+CSS,
using XML for the content and HSS for the design and simple behavior of the interface, whose syntax is
like CSS, but offers many more advanced features, such as object orientation, rule nesting, expressions,
references to other objects, modularization (code reuse), etc. JavaScript will be used as well
for advanced behavior.

The idea is to create a standard cross-platform library that browser makers can use to add support
for the technology. But it needs to prove itself first, and therefore we will build a wrapper that
uses the library to create a downloadable browser plug-in, the technology can be available in browsers
that haven't added support yet. Plus, it will work with older browsers as well.

I have started with the development of the prototype, it is being written in C++. It uses the Expat
XML parser and Cairo for graphics.

Please read the README inside the "prototype" folder to know more about the current state of the prototype.
If you want to help coding, join our mailing list ( and ask questions, discuss features, contribute, etc.

The official website for the project is , where you can find the Mission Statement and read
the working draft of the specification.

Miro Keller