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WARNING!!! these instructions have not been completed, don't complain if they don't work for you
Build instructions:
Mac OSX (latest tested 10.6)
Make sure you have the Developer Tools installed, you can get them from Apple
1 - Set up Git and configure GitHub []
2 - Clone the repository:
- Open the terminal and execute the following commands:
- Go to the folder where you want the prototype folder to be created
cd /path/to/directory
- Clone the repo:
git clone git://
3 - Download and install all required libraries:
- Boost:
- Expat:
- Cairo:
- Pixman:
- Cairo:
- Pango:
- GLib:
- Libiconv:
- Pango:
4 - Open the Xcode project (prototype/mac/AXR Test App.xcodeproj) and hit Run
Windows: coming soon...