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This is the official README of the AXR Prototype!

The prototype is split into two distinct parts:
	- Core: this is the cross-platform library
	- Test App: It is a mac application that uses the library to render files and perform tests

Build instructions

First, we are going to compile the core library:

1 - Go to http://expat.sourceforge.net/ and download Expat, install it according to	their

2 - Go to http://cairographics.org/ and download Cairo, install it according to their 
	instructions. I've had no luck installing the MacPorts version, but compiling everything
	from source code should work just fine.
2.a If you don't have Freetype on your system, download it from http://www.freetype.org/ and
	compile it as well. AXR doesn't use it, but somehow I didn't manage to build with static
	libraries without it. Probably something with the configure script of Cairo. I need to
	check if it is possible to get away with this.

3 - Open the Xcode 4 project in the "core" folder. Hit build. If it doesn't work check if
	all the necessary headers are added to the project (not red) and that you are linking
	to libexpat.a, libfreetype.a, libpixman.a, libpng.a, libz.a, and libcairo.a

The core library is actually a direct dependency in the Test App project, so it will be built
automatically together with the Test App. You can find the Xcode 4 project in the "mac" folder.

NOTE: this is all written down from memory, therefore it's possible that I'm forgetting something.
If it doesn't work, please write me an email at veosotano@gmail.com and I'll be glad to help you out :D

//FIXME: test if this works and continue writing this to use automake