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Project brief:


BUTTER is a tool for helping non developers generate html5 video pages that use popcorn.js.


  • Vloggers who use wordpress or tumblr to host their video

  • Vloggers who run their own websites


  • Make it easier to use popcorn.js

  • Generate buzz for popcorn among web video geeks who do not program

  • Generate buzz for popcorn among web developers

  • Make butter easy to host (fully clientside html/css/js)

User Requirements

  • Video must be hosted somewhere and user must have path to it

  • Video must be h264, ogg/theora, or webm


  • Develop GUI

    • Video finder: An input for selecting a video file to operate on and for selecting multiple formats for fallbacks

    • Timeline interface: A method of synchronizing the current popcorn data being created to a time range.

    • Popcorn data type selector: A selector for which data type the current popcorn data will be: twitter, wikipedia, maps, flickr, attribution, footnotes, webpage

    • Popcorn data organizer: A method for arranging the order of the popcorn data

    • Page data elements: A method for adding video title, and about text to the popcorn page

    • Page tempate selector: A method of choosing how that data will then be layed out in a page, according to a set of pre-defined templates.

    • Output generator: A method for generating the embed code that gathers the HTML/CSS/JS created in the GUI and makes it available for download/embedding.

  • Develop Templates

    • Full page template

    • Narrow template

  • Develop Roadmap to Popcorn 1.0

  • Develop Roadmap to Butter 1.0

  • Blog about progress on

  • Create online resources that CLEARLY explain what popcorn is, what stage it is in, how to use it, and how to get involved

    • Housed at

    • Path to butter for non devs

    • Path to contributing for devs

    • hosted by github or by wordpress somewhere


  • popcorn.js hitting 0.2

  • access to domain registration credentials

  • hosting for

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