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#Release 1.2 — January 11, 2012

  • Fixed a bug with nested columns in the SCSS version by implementing @daffydowden's gridsystem-width() function
  • Switched from the .offset() mixin to .push() and .pull() mixins instead, in response to Issue #20
  • Added a fix to the sub-pixel rounding bug occurring in fluid layouts in IE6 & 7. See
  • Applied @dwbm and @designerbrent's fixes to .offset() so that it works correctly in both pixel and percentage modes
  • Renamed _gridsystem-width to gridsystem-width on @adamstac's recommendation
  • Changed rows from inline-block to block on @levito's recommendation
  • Added .SCSS stylesheets to the examples

#Release 1.1 — October 12, 2011

  • Added .offset() mixin to indent columns
  • Switched from overflow: hidden; clearing to the micro clearfix
  • Removed clearing from inside columns
  • Updated html and meta tags so that examples pass validation without warnings
  • Added support for SCSS with the help of @jpmckinney, @bobbymarko, and @hlidotbe
  • Added support for Stylus thanks to @dmmalam