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Change Log
0.1 (Build 20110817-1050)
- Initial check-in to Git.
0.1 (Build 20110819-1440)
- Added this "change.log" file.
- Added project information to the main page (index.html).
- Removed unused files/folders: catface.png, css3buttons, and
- Updated text for copyright line.
- Removed "social" icons and replaced them with "cards" in the Wobble and
Spring demos.
- Added a speed setting to the Spring demo.
- Changed rotate demo to make the cards open and close continuously.
- Removed debugging comments.
- Re-enabled the overspin in the Cube demo.
0.1 (Build 20110823-1300)
- Updated with instructions on using Alice.js in a web project.
- Moved "js/*.js" to "js/src/*.js".
- Added alice.js and alice-min.js.
- Fixes for JSHint.
- Changed line endings to Unix format.
- Removed favicon.png.
- Removed unused prettify language files.
0.1 (Build 20110824-1030)
- Added email addresses.
- Updated intro text.
- Added a feature sniffer to inform users of browser requirements.
0.1 (Build 20110824-1200)
- Commented out console line in "credits.html" that was causing an error
in IE.
- Disabled border on IMG elements in CSS for IE.
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