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Installer & smart package manager for Meteor
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Installer & smart package manager for Meteor


Meteorite makes life easier until Meteor core has it's own smart package installer


npm install -g meteorite

How does it work?

Meteorite installs a utility called mrt that works just like meteor except when it runs it does a few extra things for you. When you use it to run your app:

1) The first time it installs an app specific instance of meteor

2) Then it installs the app's smart package dependencies which you specifiy in a file called smart.json

3) If the app's smart packages have dependencies of their own (also defined in smart.json) they're installed, recursively.

4) With everything installed the app's meteor instance takes over and runs your app. All of meteor's subcommands are supported (e.g. run, deploy, etc).


Note: We only support git repositories right now. We plan to add the ability to specify a path to a local package also.

A sample smart.json

  "meteor": {
    "branch": "devel"
  "packages": {
    "simple-secure": {
      "git": "",
      "branch": "experimental"
    "demostrap": {
      "git": "",
      "tag": "v0.0.1"

Any dependency listed without specifying a branch, tag or ref will use the repo's master branch. If meteor is not specified at all the latest release will be used.

Example usage

See looks and works just like meteor!

mrt run --port=8888

You can also just install everything listed in smart.json without running any underlying meteor command

mrt install


See Contributing

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