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Scala redis client built with netty framework
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Redis scala client library

We are working on this code, decided to open it up in case somebody else finds it useful.

Tested with Redis version 2.0.1, some commands won't work with older version

Why yet another scala client?

  • binary safe values
  • asynchronous calls
  • protocol pipelining
  • connection multiplexing

To build (requires buildr tool from

$ buildr package

Ruby gem system is a bit quirky on ubuntu 10.04, so, download buildr-1.4.1.gem from rubygems and

$ export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/your/java
$ sudo gem install buildr-1.4.1.gem
$ export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH

Unit tests assume redis is running on localhost on port 6380, THEY WILL FLUSH ALL DATA! To quickly build/package without running the tests:

$ buildr package test=no

Example usage with scala REPL

$ buildr shell

import com.fotolog.redis.{RedisCluster, RedisClient, RedisHost, Conversions}
import Conversions._

val shardingHashFun = (s:String)=>s.hashCode // shard on string values
val cluster = new RedisCluster[String](shardingHashFun, RedisHost("localhost", 6379) /*, more redis hosts */)

val r = cluster("egusername") // get redis client

// basic

r.set("foo", "bar")
r.get("foo") // byte arrays by default
r.get[String]("foo") // typed, hints at implicit conversion

// lists
r.lpush("ll", "l1")
r.lpush("ll", "l2")
r.lrange[String]("ll", 0, 100)

// sets
r.sadd("ss", "foo")
r.sadd("ss", "bar")

// async calls
val future = r.lpopAsync[String]("ll") // prefetch data
// .... do something else

// explicit encoding/decoding of binary values
r.set("boo", "foo") { x: String =>
r.get("boo") { x: Array[Byte] =>
    new String(x, "UTF-8")

Example of adding other conversion functions


implicit def convertIntToByteArray(i: Int): Array[Byte] = {
    val barr = new Array[Byte](CodedOutputStream.computeInt32SizeNoTag(i))
    val os = CodedOutputStream.newInstance(barr)
implicit def convertByteArrayToInt(b: Array[Byte]): Int = {
    val is = CodedInputStream.newInstance(b)
implicit def convertLongToByteArray(i: Long): Array[Byte] = {
    val barr = new Array[Byte](CodedOutputStream.computeInt64SizeNoTag(i))
    val os = CodedOutputStream.newInstance(barr)
implicit def convertByteArrayToLong(b: Array[Byte]): Long = {
    val is = CodedInputStream.newInstance(b)

implicit def convertProtobufToByteArray(m: Message): Array[Byte] = m.toByteArray
// to convert back from protobuf pass { YourProto.parseFrom } as a conversion function
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