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rpm: fix build script

Signed-off-by: Ferry Huberts <>
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1 parent 8aa3717 commit fbe66fe84e361733e2ac0ff2d151f81faaa9b34e @fhuberts fhuberts committed Nov 11, 2012
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8 rpm/buildRPMs
@@ -69,17 +69,19 @@ declare buildNumber="${versions[1]}"
declare prefix="${prefixName}-${version}.${buildNumber}"
-declare dstTarFile="${sourcesDir}/${prefix}.tar.gz"
+declare dstTarFile="${sourcesDir}/${prefix}.tar"
+declare dstTarGzFile="${dstTarFile}.gz"
declare specFile="${specName}.spec"
declare srcSpecFile="${scriptDir}/${specFile}"
declare dstSpecFile="${specsDir}/${specFile}"
-rm -fv "${dstSpecFile}" "${dstTarFile}"
+rm -fv "${dstSpecFile}" "${dstTarFile}" "${dstTarGzFile}"
mkdir -pv "${sourcesDir}" "${specsDir}"
pushd "${baseDir}" &> /dev/null
-git archive -v --format=tar.gz --prefix="${prefix}/" -o "${dstTarFile}" HEAD ${itemsToArchive}
+git archive -v --format=tar --prefix="${prefix}/" -o "${dstTarFile}" HEAD ${itemsToArchive}
+gzip -v "${dstTarFile}"
popd &> /dev/null
echo "Preparing spec file ${dstSpecFile}"
sed -e "s/___version___/${version}/" \

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