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Add CONTRIBUTORS.txt signing machinery.

Concept / language borrowed from the Pylons project.
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+Repoze Project Contributor Agreement
+The submitter agrees by adding his or her name within the section below named
+"Contributors" and submitting the resulting modified document to the
+canonical shared repository location for this software project (whether
+directly, as a user with "direct commit access", or via a "pull request"), he
+or she is signing a contract electronically. The submitter becomes a
+Contributor after a) he or she signs this document by adding their name
+beneath the "Contributors" section below, and b) the resulting document is
+accepted into the canonical version control repository.
+Treatment of Account
+Contributor will not allow anyone other than the Contributor to use his or
+her username or source repository login to submit code to a Repoze Project
+source repository. Should Contributor become aware of any such use,
+Contributor will immediately by notifying Agendaless Consulting.
+Notification must be performed by sending an email to Until such notice is received, Contributor will be
+presumed to have taken all actions made through Contributor's account. If the
+Contributor has direct commit access, Agendaless Consulting will have
+complete control and discretion over capabilities assigned to Contributor's
+account, and may disable Contributor's account for any reason at any time.
+Legal Effect of Contribution
+Upon submitting a change or new work to a Repoze Project source Repository (a
+"Contribution"), you agree to assign, and hereby do assign, a one-half
+interest of all right, title and interest in and to copyright and other
+intellectual property rights with respect to your new and original portions
+of the Contribution to Agendaless Consulting. You and Agendaless Consulting
+each agree that the other shall be free to exercise any and all exclusive
+rights in and to the Contribution, without accounting to one another,
+including without limitation, the right to license the Contribution to others
+under the Repoze Public License. This agreement shall run with title to the
+Contribution. Agendaless Consulting does not convey to you any right, title
+or interest in or to the Program or such portions of the Contribution that
+were taken from the Program. Your transmission of a submission to the Repoze
+Project source Repository and marks of identification concerning the
+Contribution itself constitute your intent to contribute and your assignment
+of the work in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
+License Terms
+Code committed to the Repoze Project source repository (Committed Code) must
+be governed by the Repoze Public License (, aka
+"the RPL") or another license acceptable to Agendaless Consulting. Until
+Agendaless Consulting declares in writing an acceptable license other than
+the RPL, only the RPL shall be used. A list of exceptions is detailed within
+the "Licensing Exceptions" section of this document, if one exists.
+Representations, Warranty, and Indemnification
+Contributor represents and warrants that the Committed Code does not violate
+the rights of any person or entity, and that the Contributor has legal
+authority to enter into this Agreement and legal authority over Contributed
+Code. Further, Contributor indemnifies Agendaless Consulting against
+Contributor understands that cryptographic code may be subject to government
+regulations with which Agendaless Consulting and/or entities using Committed
+Code must comply. Any code which contains any of the items listed below must
+not be checked-in until Agendaless Consulting staff has been notified and has
+approved such contribution in writing.
+- Cryptographic capabilities or features
+- Calls to cryptographic features
+- User interface elements which provide context relating to cryptography
+- Code which may, under casual inspection, appear to be cryptographic.
+Contributor confirms that any notices required will be included in any
+Committed Code.
+Licensing Exceptions
+List of Contributors
+The below-signed are contributors to a code repository that is part of the
+project named "repoze.configuration".
+Each below-signed contributor has read, understand and agrees to the terms
+above in the section within this document entitled "Repoze Project Contributor
+Agreement" as of the date beside his or her name.
+- Tres Seaver, 2011/02/22

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