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possible issue with decoding utf-8 headers #7

ericrasmussen opened this Issue Apr 24, 2012 · 2 comments

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I'm using pyramid_mailer's Mailer class to send a Message. If I use the Mailer's send() method it works. If I use the send_to_queue() method instead, then the qp script that attempts to send the email raises an SMTPRecipientsRefused exception ("Domain name required for sender address").

From what I can tell, repoze.sendmail is encoding the X-Actually-From header (the recipient address, say, "") as utf-8, then storing the message in the maildir. When it later parses the message, it doesn't decode the header. Instead it sets the string "=?utf-8?q?e=40example=2Ecom?=" as the sender, which raises the exception.

As a temporary workaround I added two lines to the QueueProcessor's _parseMessage method (in repoze.sendmail.queue):

     fromaddr = message['X-Actually-From']
   + from email.header import decode_header
   + fromaddr = decode_header(fromaddr)[0][0]

I'm not submitting it as a patch because I don't think it's the best approach, but I wanted you to see the change I had to make to get it working for me on Python 2.7. Please let me know if there's something I should be doing different or if this is a legitimate issue.


hellp commented Apr 25, 2012

Having the same issue.

@hellp hellp added a commit to hellp/repoze.sendmail that referenced this issue Apr 25, 2012
@hellp hellp Workaround for github issue #7. 6264a15

Starting work now.

@rpatterson rpatterson added a commit to rpatterson/repoze.sendmail that referenced this issue Apr 30, 2012
@rpatterson rpatterson Fix issue #7, handling of to/from addresses with non-ascii characters
when using queued mail delivery.
@mcdonc mcdonc closed this May 3, 2012
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