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Simple PCB to allow an Arduino Due to be plugged into a Sanguinololu in place of the ATMEGA chip.

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RepRapPro Ltd

Arduino DUE to Sanguinololu Adaptor

Licence: GPL

Design: Adrian

Status: Pre-alpha - not yet made and tested.

Thanks to MAL's Adventures in Electronics Blog at

for the Arduino shield blank design.

Here are two simple PCBs to allow an Arduino DUE to be plugged into a Sanguinololu 
in place of its ATMEGA chip.  One is a shield for the Arduino that
has a pin header for a 20-way ribbon cable.  The other is a PCB that just
has a header for the other end of the ribbon connected to a set of pins that 
pretend to be the Sanguinololu's ATMEGA chip. 

The four Eagle files you want are:


The DUE pinouts are:

{X, Y, Z, [E]}
{Bed, Hot_end}
-1 = not used

STEP_PINS {54, 60, 46, 26}
DIRECTION_PINS {55, 61, 48, 28}
ENABLE_PINS {38, -1, 62, -1}
STOP_PINS {3, 14, 17}
TEMP_SENSE_PINS {10, 9}  // Analogue pin numbers

The pins are intended to be as compatible as possible with the RAMPS board, 
while allowing things like the Arduino Ethernet shield to work as well.

23 January 2013

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