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RepRapPro Ltd
ARM Sanguinololu Adaptor
Licence: GPL
Design: Adrian
Status: Pre-alpha - not yet made and tested.
Simple PCB to allow an MBED NXP LPC1768 ARM development board
to be plugged into a Sanguinololu in place of the ATMEGA chip.
It's single-sided to make for easy manufacture. You will see
that there are a few tracks on the back of the board (blue) -
they all run between vias, and so are intended to be replaced
with wire jumpers.
The board routes the Sanguinololu 5V signal to the MBED's VIN
so the MBED USB is not needed to power it.
There is a micro-SD holder as well.
The MBED pinouts are:
5 X Step
14 Y Step
24 Z Step
22 E Step
9 X Dir
15 Y Dir
23 Z Dir
21 E dir
27 X, Y & E enable
20 Z enable
6 X Stop
7 Y Stop
8 Z Stop
25 Hotbed
26 Hotend
17 Bed temp
16 Hotend Temp
10 SD Enable
13 SD Clock
12 SD Data Out
11 SD Data In
15 September 2012
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