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# Sample .pronsolerc file - copy this into your home directory
macro up G1 Z6 F200
macro printnow !self.p.send_now("M23 [0]")
macro printme
move z 6
move z 6
M109 {0}
macro loud !self.p.loud = 1
macro quiet !self.p.loud = 0
set last_file_path C:\Users\dro\Desktop
set xy_feedrate 12000
set z_feedrate 200
set e_feedrate 200
set port /dev/ttyUSB0
set last_bed_temperature 85.0
button 0 "INIT SD" /c "#C8C8C8" M21
button 1 "EJECT" /c "#C8C8C8" M22
button 2 "LIST" /c "#C8C8C8" M20
set temperature_abs 250
set baudrate 115200
set last_temperature 200.0
set bedtemp_pla 85
set bedtemp_abs 120
set temperature_pla 205
set bed_size_x 140.0
set bed_size_y 140.0
button 3 "FAN ON" /c "#C8C8C8" M106 S200
button 4 "GET POS" /c "#C8C8C8" M114
button 5 "ECHO" /c "#C8C8C8" loud
button 6 "QUIET" /c "#C8C8C8" quiet
button 7 "BL" G1 X135 Y15 F12000
button 8 "CENTRE" G1 X70 Y70 F12000
button 9 "BR" G1 X15 Y15 F12000
button 10 "FL" G1 X135 Y135 F12000
button 11 "UP" G1 Z6 F200
button 12 "FR" G1 X15 Y135 F12000
set sliceoptscommand python ./skeinforge/skeinforge_application/
set slicecommand python ./skeinforge/skeinforge_application/skeinforge_utilities/ $s
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