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The index of reproduced papers with reusable research components and unified workflows in the Collective Knowledge format
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Data license: License: CC BY 4.0 Code license: License

Compatibility: Linux, MacOS, Windows


This repository contains reusable and cross-linked research components from reproduced papers in the CK format.


Install CK as described here.

Create a fork of this repository at GitHub to be able to send PRs.

Pull the forked repository via CK:

$ ck pull repo:ck-reproindex --url={URL of the forked repository}

Adding new article with reusable research

$ ck add repro.article

Answer ~12 questions about the article (you can just press Enter when a question is not applicable). You can also find related answers in meta.json files of already shared articles. You can use an existing event tag or add a new one there.

CK will then create a new entry with the article meta description. You can commit your changes to your forked repo as follows:

$ ck find repo:ck-reproindex
$ cd `ck find repo:ck-reproindex`
$ git commit
$ git push

You can now create a PR for this repository. We will then review and update it if needed. When accepted, we will update this repository at to make your changes available to the community in a user-friendly way.

Updating reusable research components

Feel free to update meta description of other components and send us a PR:

Indexing new CK components:

You can index new CK components as follows:

  • CK modules: ck index component.module:{CK module name} --share
  • CK repositories: ck index component.repo:{CK repo name} --share
  • CK software detection plugins: ck index component.soft:{CK soft name} --share
  • CK packages: ck index component.package:{CK package name} --share
  • CK tasks (program workflows): ck index component.program:{CK program name} --share

You can then commit your changes and send us a PR as described above:

$ ck find repo:ck-reproindex
$ cd `ck find repo:ck-reproindex`
$ git commit
$ git push


How to customize URL:


This community project is in very early stage and there is still a lot to be done. We need your participation and feedback to improve our open-source technology and make it more convenient for researchers and engineers. Please submit your issues and request features at .

Feel free to register at the ReproIndex website and sign up to our twitter to keep track of the latest news. You are also very welcome to participate in this standardization effort via our Slack channel and this public discussion group.

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