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"misc": {
"artifact_doi_url": "",
"artifact_sources": "GitHub",
"artifact_sources_url": "",
"authors": "Jiong Gong, Haihao Shen, Guoming Zhang, Xiaoli Liu, Shane Li, Ge Jin, Niharika Maheshwari, Evarist Fomenko, Eden Segal",
"badge_acm_artifact_available": "yes",
"badge_acm_artifact_functional": "",
"badge_acm_artifact_reusable": "yes",
"badge_acm_results_replicated": "yes",
"badge_acm_results_reproduced": "",
"ck_repo_uid": "0e40b194adc51b5a",
"paper_doi_url": "",
"paper_pdf_url": "",
"reproducibility_url": "",
"results": "CK format",
"results_dashboard_url": "",
"results_url": "",
"tasks": {
"42869a95af6fc638": {
"data_uoa": "convert-ssd-to-i8"
"title": "Highly Efficient 8-bit Low Precision Inference of Convolutional Neural Networks with IntelCaffe",
"unified_artifact_appendix": "",
"where": "ReQuEST-ASPLOS'18",
"where_url": "",
"workflow": "CK",
"workflow_url": ""
"tags": [
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