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Federation App

Example REY app that lets anyone easily provide an APP with static score data. This lets users to build a "federation", or a privately-managed, publicly-accessible subworld where they can freely give scores to other users, identified by public keys.


You'll need rey-cli installed in your system.


Simply start the app with:

docker-compose up

Then, you'll need to register the app's manifest on the running blockchain node with:

rey-cli dev cmd publish-manifest 0x88032398beab20017e61064af3c7c8bd38f4c968 http://localhost:8000/manifest

You'll need to publish the verifier's manifest:

rey-cli dev cmd publish-manifest 0x44f1d336e4fdf189d2dadd963763883582c45312 http://localhost:8082/manifest

You can visit the app at http://localhost:8000.

To read the REY app, add your Metamask private key to the blockchain node:

rey-cli dev cmd add-account <YOUR_METAMASK_PRIVATE_KEY>

Then run:

rey-cli dev cmd read-app 0x88032398beab20017e61064af3c7c8bd38f4c968 <YOUR_ADDRESS> 0x44f1d336e4fdf189d2dadd963763883582c45312


You might want to override any of the docker compose variables in a production setup. Additional environment variables are:

  • NAME: The name of the federation.

  • APP_URL: The URL where the federation has been deployed (i.e. the /data endpoint).

  • PICTURE_URL: The app's icon URL.

  • SCORES: The actual scores to be given about users. They need to be formatted as a dictionary, serialized as JSON string, as follows:

    { "0x88032398beab20017e61064af3c7c8bd38f4c968": 21, "0x31bb9d47bc8bf6422ff7dcd2ff53bc90f8f7b009": 50, "0x6d644c57247de51da20797f14dceedfbc4ef6561": 80, "0xe370c47450427a2baa9bff3557bf574162f3ca54": 41 }

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