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Interactive Mishkan builder / simulator (See the second half of the book of Exodus)

Build instructions

  • Install Unreal Engine / Visual Studio Community 2015
  • Pull code base from Git
  • Right click ProjectMishkan.uproject and select Generate Visual Studio Project Files
  • Open ProjectMishkan.sln
  • Build project (for Unreal Editor, to run the game see below)

Running the game

  • Change the build configuration to DebugGame
  • Cook the game contents by running cook.bat with the following parameters:
    1. The location of the Unreal Engine binaries folder (example C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64) in quotes
    2. The Target platform (possible values are WindowsNoEditor, WindowsServer, LinuxServer, PS4, XboxOne, IOS, Android)
  • Run the executable created in the Binaries folder


The game framework makes usage of Unreal's localization framework. In order to set it up properly, observe the following guidelines

  • Strings in Game Code
    • A file with strings should write at the top #define LOCTEXT_NAMESPACE "Mishkan" and at the end #undef LOCTEXT_NAMESPACE
    • Use the LOCTEXT(Key, String) macro to generate localizable strings
  • Strings in the Unreal Editor
    • Use 'Text' and not 'String' for any text that the user sees
  • Setting up Localization
    • Enable experimental Localization Dashboard by going to Edit > Editor Preferences > Experimental and under Tools check off "Localization Dashboard"
    • Open the dashboard by clicking Window > Dashboard
    • Select the already created target 'Game'
    • Scroll to the bottom where it says 'Cultures', here you can choose which languages to support
    • Click the 'Gather' button to find all the Strings that need to be translated
    • Beside each Culture click the Edit Translations button to enter in all the needed translations
    • Click the Count Words button to track how many translations remain
    • Click the Compile All button when finished


Interactive Mishkan builder / simulator (See the second half of the book of Exodus)



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