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A WebGL version of the Mattel board game Blokus.


You play as one color. Each of your pieces have a certain value, depending on how many squares on the board they occupy (1 to 5). Your goal is to use up all of your pieces. If the game ends and no one finished all their pieces, the winner is the one whose remaining pieces have the smallest total value. Aim to get rid of pieces with high values early on, as it will get harder as the game progresses.

Each player starts in their designated corner. The first piece must have one part of it touching this corner. All subsequent pieces must touch a corner of a previously placed piece, but can't be adjacent to any previously placed piece. Your pieces can be adjacent to other player's pieces. To aid the user, faded guides spots are displayed to show potential corners that must be touched by a new piece.

A useful strategy to consider is to block potential moves of your opponents by placing your pieces in their way.


  • Click on a piece to select it.
  • Click on a spot to place the piece.
  • Left and Right arrow keys to rotate a piece
  • F key to flip a piece vertically


A WebGL version of the Mattel board game Blokus



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