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Releases: reqT/reqT

Release 3.1.7 update Scala version to 2.12.17

19 Jan 16:07
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  • Compiled with Scala 2.12.17
  • Breaking API change: reqT.export is now called reqT.exporter as export is now a reserved word in Scala, paving the way for Scala 3.
  • Detailed changes

Release 3.1.6: improve support for Java 17

24 Jan 18:06
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  • Compile for Scala 2.12.15 to provide improved support for Java 17 (see release notes of Scala 2.12.15)
  • Include the Scala 2.12.15 compiler in the fat jar
  • Fix some deprecations in swing events since Java 9

Release 3.1.4 update templates

27 Jan 16:28
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  • Update templates used for labs in teaching
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 3.1.3 move to scala 2.12

05 Nov 14:01
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  • support for scala 2.12 which comes with these goodies:
    • repl gets syntax coloring
    • repl TAB completion is improved
    • faster startup times
    • trailing commas in models
    • ...
  • fix warning on depcrecated JavaConversions
  • fix how models are interpreted from GUI as import full path generates errror in new repl reqT.Model becomes reqT.reqT.Model

Release 3.1.2 add high dpi support

31 Oct 14:15
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Add support for high resolution screens: adjust swing font sizes.

Release 3.1.1 add server mode

18 May 11:30
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add server mode with repl reading stdio no jline

Release 3.1.0: Update scala version 2.11.11

17 May 18:13
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update scala version to 2.11.11, update libs

Release 3.0.2: update docs

17 May 18:11
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update lab2 recompile for latex refs

Point release of reqT v3.0.1

02 Nov 20:12
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  • Improve graph generation and export including pdf, svg, png
  • Add more graph layout managers in graph export
  • Add html export including element type coloring and css
  • Add latex export
  • Improve gui including example templates
  • Improve iterators
  • Add transform iterator
  • Several bug fixes

Major Release of reqT v3.0.0

07 Sep 20:33
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  • Graphical user interface with foldable tree view and syntax-colored text editor
  • Fully recursive modelling allowing models inside models at arbitrary depth
  • New powerful Scala-embedded DSL and more comprehensive metamodel
  • Metamodel-aware auto-completion in text editor
  • Export to graphviz, html, spreadsheet and more
  • New external DSL called reqtext using indentation instead of parenthesis
  • Meta-programming-enabled metamodel customization
  • All required libs are included in a self-contained jar-file - no need to install Scala