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A Loki.js store for Express-Brute
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A Loki.js store for Express-Brute


npm install express-brute-loki


var ExpressBrute = require('express-brute'),
    ExpressBruteLokiStore = require('express-brute-loki');

var store = new ExpressBruteLokiStore({
    path: './brute.db' // See all available options below
var bruteforce = new ExpressBrute(store);'/auth',
    bruteforce.prevent, // error 403 if we hit this route too often
    function (req, res, next) {


Setting the path to the database file is optional but recommended.

Available parameters:

  • path Path to the database file. Defaults to ./brute-store.db
  • autosave Set false to disable save to disk. Defaults to true
  • ttl Duration in seconds to keep entries. Set to 0 to disable TTL. Defaults to 0
  • logErrors Whether or not to log client errors. Defaults to false
    • If true, a default logging function (console.error) is provided.
    • If a function, it is called anytime an error occurs (useful for custom logging)
    • If false, no logging occurs.



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