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Change Log


  • Fix Model file generated in wrong package in certain cases
  • Fix Android SqlCipherDatabaseSource not extendable


  • Java 9 use new @Generated annotation
  • RxJava 1.0 support removed
  • Generate error if setter present for read-only field
  • SQLServer default map dates to datetime2 instead of timestamp
  • PostgresSQL fix default UUID type mapping
  • Android support AndroidX libraries
  • Add Spring boot example


  • Add min/max to base expression functions
  • Add factory methods for creating different numeric type Named Expressions
  • EnumConverter uses name() for string conversion instead of toString()


  • Deprecates RxJava 1.0 support in order to bring improvements to RxJava 2.0 support in a future version
  • Default indexes now include table name in the index name
  • Support setting generated member visibility (for removing synthetic accessors)
  • Support package private code generation for reduced method count on Android
  • Fix NoSuchElementException during table generation of an entity with no keys
  • Fix Android proguard rules
  • Fix EntityDataStore synchronization that could dead lock
  • Fix inserting empty collection returning null key set
  • Fix Kotlin ClassCastException when using long/int key types in the insert returning query
  • Fix CloseableIterator accumulation when using Result functions
  • Fix Connection not closed when exception thrown from a raw query


  • Support accessing the Configuration instance from EntityDataStore
  • Support setting generated member visibility (for removing synthetic accessors)
  • Support accessing Transaction instance from KotlinReactiveEntityStore
  • PostgresSQL store blobs as bytea
  • Fix foreign key support in Android sqlcipher/sqlite-support
  • Fix stack overflow on bi-directional attributes in EnityProxy.toString
  • Fix references cascaded even if Cascade.NONE specified
  • Fix NoSuchMethodError when converting a entity with @Embedded types to json
  • Fix Observables not triggered for insert operations
  • Fix @Transient annotation not applied to methods
  • Fix @Transient members were checked for reserved works
  • Fix Connection instance not closed on transaction rollback


  • Support item view types in Android RecyclerView adapter
  • Support withTransaction overloads for Kotlin entity stores
  • Support guava/streamsupport Optional types
  • Rx support transaction methods modified to update in a more expected way
  • Fix default value usage in inserts
  • Fix aliased expression not usable in orderby clause
  • Fix collection getters not used in Jackson serialization
  • Fix collection modification behavior
  • Fix cases where duplicate entity attributes would be generated
  • Fix MutableResult not usable in an entity definition
  • Fix Android unique column not being able to be added in an upgrade
  • Fix Kotlin Update.set() method property support


  • Fix Rx observable changes not triggered for nested transactions
  • Fix query table auto aliases removed in union statement
  • Fix CascadeAction.NONE having no effect during a insert/update/delete


  • Support Logical NOT operator
  • Support Converter for java.util.Currency
  • Fix non-null reference returned for null foreign key reference on entity retrieval
  • Fix column transformers not used when aliasing columns
  • Fix ConnectionPoolDataSource not used in ConnectionProvider
  • Fix Read only values not filtered from insert/update operations
  • Fix Android schema upgrade using not yet created indexes
  • Fix Android incorrect concurrent access of DateFormat instance
  • Fix Android QueryLoader closed previous result instance
  • Fix processing error generated for @Transient entity not used in a relationship
  • Fix Kotlin EntityDataStore inner instance not exposed


  • Support @Superclass hierarchies
  • Support @Embedded types in Jackson serialization
  • Support mixed Kotlin queries (note this is an API change to Kotlin partial select statements)
  • Fix incorrect join alias generated in query
  • Fix Android gradle plugin update 2.3.0 not working with entities using databinding
  • Fix Kotlin insert into select query
  • Fix non-null constraint not generated on Postgres
  • Fix @View entities created as tables during schema generation


  • Support row value expressions
  • Support generating entities from Kotlin abstract classes
  • Support Kotlin 1.1
  • Fix handling of self referencing Many-to-Many relationship
  • Fix Android table/column name transformers not used during upgrade
  • Fix use AutoValue builder setters if available
  • Fix @Value.Default handling for types
  • Fix deleting entities from a One-To-Many when using delete(Iterable)
  • Kotlin fix varargs in raw query not expanded
  • Kotlin fix ClassCastException when using a join clause


  • Support Jackson serialization with a new Jackson serialization module (requery-jackson)
  • Support insert into select query
  • Support additional query functions
  • Support improved for types
  • Fix unique constraints not applied during table generation
  • Fix closing connection/statement if an exception is thrown during prepare
  • Fix ClassCastException when using a function in a where expression
  • Fix NPE when a junction table contains a non-associative attribute
  • Fix unsupported on update clause generated when using an Oracle database
  • Fix Kotlin EntityStore delete should return a nullable type


  • Support @View annotation for mapping entities to table views
  • Fix runInTransaction rollback behavior
  • Fix add column not added to foreign key during table upgrade
  • Fix function expression in order by column caused incorrect sql generation
  • Fix rx observableResult not triggered for multiple entity delete
  • Fix OptimisticLockException when updating an entity with a @Version column
  • Fix Kotlin select distinct query
  • Fix Android incompatible date types, now stored as ISO 8601
  • Fix update listener not invoked for some upsert calls


  • Support new KotlinReactiveEntityStore/KotlinRxEntityStore for RxJava 2.0 & RxJava 1.0
  • Support improved compile errors when an invalid relationship is defined
  • Support improved handling of entity associations marked with @Key
  • Support kotlin-kapt plugin for annotation processing
  • Support kotlin raw queries
  • Fix incorrect type in raw queries for integer values on Oracle
  • Fix Java 8 date time conversion for zoned times
  • Fix empty index name during table generation
  • Fix ClassCastException when using a custom converter that converted to a collection in a query
  • Fix NPE when using non relational attributes in a junction table
  • Fix Kotlin withTransaction rollback
  • Fix Kotlin join on condition incorrect sql generated


  • Support extendable query types. RxJava and RxJava 2.0 result conversion methods are now separated into different classes. This is a minor API change that should not effect most code.
  • Support Reactor Core extensions
  • Support custom column definitions for table generation
  • Support for @Entity(copyable) shallow copying via generated copy() method
  • Kotlin findByKey returns nullable value
  • Fix ClassNotFoundException referencing a RxJava 1.0 class when using RxJava 2.0
  • Fix OneToMany cascaded elements incorrectly updated instead of inserted
  • Fix stackoverflow in ManagedTransaction.begin()
  • Fix foreign key support using Android SQLCipher database
  • Fix multiple blob arguments in Android query expression
  • Fix some compilation issues using Android Jack compiler


  • Support repeated @Embedded fields
  • Support RxJava 2.0 maybe operator
  • Fix null TypeElement when using Android Jack compiler
  • Fix parentheses in nested conditional expressions
  • Fix parameter name ordering for kotlin data classes
  • Fix reserved name field names generated from properties
  • Fix incorrect behavior of Rx runInTransaction
  • Fix stack overflow in Kotlin refreshAll
  • Fix OrderBy attribute name prefix not removed


  • Support multi-column unique indexes
  • Support delete on entities with no key
  • Fix EntityStore.insert method returning generated keys transaction not committed
  • Fix Android proguard rules for RxJava 2.0
  • Fix Android sqlite blob query arguments not working
  • Fix Android onCreateMapping invocation for SqlitexDatabaseSource
  • Fix Kotlin type variance parameter on join queries
  • Fix m prefixed member name not removed in generated setMappedAttribute


  • Support for RxJava 2.0
  • Support update on specific attributes
  • Support insert with default values
  • Support Kotlin 1.0.4
  • Fix Android mapping support for BigDecimal
  • Fix cascading Many-to-Many inserts


  • Fix compilation of certain queries under Java 8
  • Fix Android Uri converter not applied
  • Fix multiple model definitions inside the same java package
  • Fix member prefixes in Attribute static field names not removed
  • Fix Kotlin attribute missing declared type definitions


  • Support embeddable AutoValue types
  • Fix Kotlin processing of interfaces containing companion objects
  • Fix Kotlin query matching attributes to property names
  • Fix Kotlin unsupported method names on Android
  • Fix multiple column unique constraint


  • Support custom function calls on expressions in generated sql
  • Support @Superclass on interface entity types
  • Fix @Transient property not generated when using an interface entity type
  • Fix @JunctionTable.type() error during processing
  • Fix @JunctionTable custom column referencedColumn not used


  • Kotlin module
  • Support global custom table / column naming
  • Fix self referencing table when used in a relationship
  • Fix relational column ordering when using a set


  • Support global entity state change listeners
  • Support Tuple result in Android query adapter
  • Fix NPE in query generation for MS SQL
  • Fix read timeout on Android when using toSelfObservable
  • Fix reserved name checks for table & column names


  • Support Rx type changes for update queries
  • Fix RowCountException when deleting cascading entity
  • Fix ClassCastException when using CompositeKey


  • Support for @Embedded types
  • Support 'is' prefix for boolean getters
  • Support compile time validation of many-to-one & one-to-many mapping
  • Fix possible Constraint violation in One-to-Many insert
  • Fix invalid UUID conversion
  • Fix query/update of a relational field that is also used as a key


  • Fix possible StackOverflow in One-to-Many insert
  • Fix possible closed Result in toObservable()
  • Fix ClassCastException for key attributes that are also entity references
  • Fix Android default proguard rules for SQLCipher/SQLite support


  • Support self referential entity types
  • Fix cascading upsert for relational entities
  • Fix foreign key column not included in default selection in some cases
  • Fix findByKey defaults to returning null if entity not present
  • Fix Android default proguard rules


  • Support relational type changes in rx toSelfObservable
  • Fix not taking effect for the generated class name
  • Fix cascading upsert for relational entities
  • Fix entity state listeners not add from @Superclass types
  • Fix annotations only looked up when added directly from the annotation processor
  • Fix Type.singleKeyAttribute not available until keyAttributes was called


  • Support @OrderBy annotation for ordering relations in entities
  • Support separate query expression for foreign keys using the key raw type
  • Support @JunctionTable#type value that allows the junction table to be manually specified
  • Fix @Superclass non-annotated fields/methods ignored
  • Fix issues when generating from an Kotlin interface/data class


  • Support generating entity types from Kotlin abstract and data classes
  • Support non integer key types in generated join tables
  • Support @CheckReturnValue to add IDE warnings for methods that require additional calls
  • Support iterable overloads for update/upsert
  • Support additional validations of @OneToOne relationships
  • Fix stackoverflow exception in cascade reference
  • Fix null mapping instance in reader/writer classes in certain cases


  • Fix generated SQL incorrect in some non-US locales
  • Fix several issues when using immutable types
  • Fix RxJava type changes not serialized
  • Fix Android library publish
  • Fix Android table not existing error on database first created w/ WAL mode


  • Support for generating mappings for final/non-extendable classes
  • Support raw query parameter expansion
  • Fix cascade saving of entities in update
  • Fix upsert for CompletableEntityStore
  • Fix entity parceling on Android


  • Support non observable collections in relations
  • Annotation processor dependencies shadowed to prevent conflicts with other libraries


  • Support for Android SQLite support library
  • Support table creation mode in Android for development
  • Fix @Converter implementations using generic types
  • Fix cascade saving of foreign key references
  • Fix missing sources for requery-android artifact


  • Support for Upserts
  • Support for raw queries
  • Fix cascading insert/updates based on primary key presence


  • Support for multi-column indexes
  • Support on update referential action for foreign key annotation
  • Fix for checking type hierarchy for superclass elements
  • Fix missing space in sub select query alias


  • Support substr() function
  • Support sub selects in join queries
  • Support generation of metadata only classes


  • Support foreign key references in queries
  • Fix create result iterator only when Observable is subscribed


  • Support @Superclass and @MappedSuperclass entity inheritance
  • Fix Observable not triggered when deleting a entity


  • Change behavior of toSelfObservable to use PublishSubject


  • Support primitive byte type specialization


  • Support query expressions on right side of conditions
  • Fix missing imports in generated code


  • Support for @AutoValue types


  • Support SQLCipher on Android


  • Initial beta release
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