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@@ -111,6 +111,8 @@ The first argument can be either a url or an options object. The only required o
* `pool.maxSockets` - Integer containing the maximum amount of sockets in the pool.
* `timeout` - Integer containing the number of milliseconds to wait for a request to respond before aborting the request
* `proxy` - An HTTP proxy to be used. Support proxy Auth with Basic Auth the same way it's supported with the `url` parameter by embedding the auth info in the uri.
+* `strictSSL` - Set to `true` to require that SSL certificates be valid. Note: to use your own certificate authority, you need to specify an agent that was created with that ca as an option.
The callback argument gets 3 arguments. The first is an error when applicable (usually from the http.Client option not the http.ClientRequest object). The second in an http.ClientResponse object. The third is the response body buffer.

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