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No longer doing bundle dependencies

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1 parent 42e5c3f commit 6f0f8c5ee2b2fdc7118804664c2215fe9cb5a2f2 @mikeal mikeal committed Mar 1, 2013
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@@ -12,6 +12,5 @@
, "engines" : ["node >= 0.3.6"]
, "main" : "./main"
, "dependencies": { "form-data":"~0.0.3", "mime":"~1.2.7" }
-, "bundleDependencies": ["form-data", "mime"]
, "scripts": { "test": "node tests/run.js" }

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@mikeal i've been reading on the issues of bundleDependencies including #313 , and now I see you've ditched them. I have 2 reasons to go towards bundling (1. have a local registry, and not make any external requests 2. some deps owners have breaking changes to their pkg, and even delete versions), but reading up on bundling, I see many issues.

Any experience sharing is highly appreciated.

mikeal commented on 6f0f8c5 Apr 26, 2013

bundling deps is great for deployable applications. this solves the "things can change in the registry" problem and it also gives you git diffs of all the changes you take in your deps. but for library maintainers its a huge pain in the ass. as the library maintainer i'm trusting other package maintainers i depend on a little more than you should deploying this with your application and that's really the only stable way to maintain all the modules in this giant ecosystem. that does not mean that you should share my optimism about the packages included in request and should still check the deps you pull in to the git repo of your application and evaluate the changes made.


Point taken. Thank you, Mikeal

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