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@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@ The first argument can be either a url or an options object. The only required o
* `json` - sets `body` but to JSON representation of value and adds `Content-type: application/json` header.
* `multipart` - (experimental) array of objects which contains their own headers and `body` attribute. Sends `multipart/related` request. See example below.
* `followRedirect` - follow HTTP 3xx responses as redirects. defaults to true.
+* `followAllRedirects` - follow non-GET HTTP 3xx responses as redirects. defaults to false.
* `maxRedirects` - the maximum number of redirects to follow, defaults to 10.
* `onResponse` - If true the callback will be fired on the "response" event instead of "end". If a function it will be called on "response" and not effect the regular semantics of the main callback on "end".
* `encoding` - Encoding to be used on `setEncoding` of response data. If set to `null`, the body is returned as a Buffer.

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