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HowTo: Pipe only body to http.ServerResponse #314

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in the Readme you give the following example:

You can also pipe() from a http.ServerRequest instance and to a http.ServerResponse instance. The HTTP method and headers will be sent as well as the entity-body data. Which means that, if you don't really care about security, you can do:

http.createServer(function (req, resp) {
  if (req.url === '/doodle.png') {
    var x = request('')

I'd like to use my own headers when doing this. Is there an easy way to only pipe the body / use custom headers?



I don't think you easily can modify the body or headers without buffering the entire request into memory ( which somewhat defeats the purpose of using the stream api ).

You should be able to modify the request instance directly and then manually call res.write / res.end / etc..


You can set the pipefilter function on the request object:

request.get(url).pipefilter = function(response, dest) {};

The response object is the response itself, dest is the destination stream which you passed to the request.pipe(dest) function.

In the pipefilter you can now manipulate the headers:

var r = request.get(url)
r.pipefilter = function(response, dest) {
    var content_type = response.headers['content-type'];
    var content_length = response.headers['content-length'];
    for(var i in response.headers) {
    dest.setHeader('Connection', 'close');

      dest.setHeader('Content-Type', content_type)

      dest.setHeader('Content-Length', content_length)
  var p = r.pipe(resp)

Nice @irrenhaus! Didn't know that was added.


Sweet, it works!
Thanks @Marak and @irrenhaus.

@berstend berstend closed this
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