when piping something,how to listen events to show progress with a progress-bar #315

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show some examples will be best

Maybe you can use this module.

See this issue also. #550

dcolens commented Jun 6, 2014

mikeal#550 is good for downloads. What about uploads (post/put) progress tracking, any suggestion ?

naggie commented Jun 24, 2014

For posting files with multipart post, I did something like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12098713/upload-progress-request
except the attribute was r.req.connection.socket._bytesDispatched

This works fine with node, but not node-webkit. No idea why yet. I think it should be an official API feature rather than an internal based hack.


mmalecki commented Aug 21, 2014

Closing this as it's not a request bug. Feel free to continue the discussion tho.
There's also an issue about making _bytesDispatched public: #941

@mmalecki mmalecki closed this Aug 21, 2014

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