SSL fails with Request@1.9.5 + Node@0.4.8 #33

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I have some code that relies on Request to make SSL requests, and upon upgrading to Node 0.4.8 those calls began to silently fail. I noticed there was a test-ssl.js file in my ./Request/tests directory (doesn't appear to be in git?), I ran it, and that also failed.

I then cloned Request's git repo (@1.9.6, 484afc) into my code, and my calls began to work. So, some changes w/ Node 0.4.8 appears to have broken SSL support in Request <= 1.9.5. Luckily whatever the issue is has been fixed with the unreleased (on npm) 1.9.6 code.

I'm not sure what the timeframe is to post 1.9.6 to npm, if this is an unintended bug introduced into Node, or if there's anything that can be done about older versions. But, I at least figured I'd post an issue to make it known in case someone else runs into a similar problem.

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I'm trying to make an HTTPS request using 2f9e257bc39eb329eec660c6d675fb40172fc5a5

Instead of failing silently, I get this error:

Error: This request has been piped before http.request() was called.

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is this still an issue with 1.9.9? I can't reproduce.

request('', function (e, resp, body) {console.log(body})

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closing until i get more feedback.

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