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Receiving data after abort #336

Shogun147 opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Grigore Dutcovici Mikeal Rogers
Grigore Dutcovici


I'm using the request as follows:

request({ url: url }).on('response', function(response) {
  // do some sync checks
  // if not ok then this.abort();
}).on('data', function(chunk) {
  // check chunk length ...
}).on('end', function() {

So if i aborted the request then the data event still emits once.

Is this expected thing? i can check the this._aborted on 'data' and ignore that chunk, but why that event is emitted?

Grigore Dutcovici

So nothing about this?

Mikeal Rogers

it should be suppressed, this is a bug.

Mikeal Rogers

Is this still an issue?

This is so old I'm closing, if it is actually still an issue just let me know and I'll re-open.

Mikeal Rogers mikeal closed this
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