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Redirection 302 issue: response.statuscode == 200 with body == undefined #392

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I try to make a request call to this url: "" but the result is very annoying, with a 200 statusCode and no body at all.
When I try with a browser or curl or a rest client, I have one 302 redirection, and I have the real page, with the entire body.
What's happening? Is it the url format? is it the redirection?

Thanks for your help



It seems that adding the option jar:false resolves this. Any idea why?
The cookie management by request is not the standard way used by navigator?


It seems that I have alike problem I request GET from node.js express.js service that does res.redirect('http://some/url') and in request's callback r.statusCode == 200. I'm not sure if its ok, jar:false doesn't change situation for me, body is ok for me.


I had faced the same issue and, yes, jar:false resolves it.

With jar:true, once the cookies are cleaned, the first request should return the response as expected but the second one will be problematic as it also sends the cookies.

Not sure but I believe it is related to the Content-length value being sent with the request with cookies as it is the only variable that changes.


any update on this?


cookies are disabled by default now, don't know if that fixes this or not.


in my case, it does!

@SebC99 SebC99 closed this
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