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What happens if we do not set timeout in setting? #423

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what happens if i do not put timeout , what is default time out interval?


If I'm not wrong, the default http client timeout value is 60 secs.


What if is a streaming?

"ACCEPT" : "text/event-stream"

Does the timeout applies? How does this works?


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default is implemented by core.

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Just stumbled on this now. Not sure about a year ago, but it looks like the Node.js native http library (which Request uses) actually specifies a default timeout of 120000 ms (or 2 minutes.)

Number Default = 120000 (2 minutes)
The number of milliseconds of inactivity before a socket is presumed to have timed out.

Note that the socket timeout logic is set up on connection, so changing this value only affects new connections to the server, not any existing connections.

Set to 0 to disable any kind of automatic timeout behavior on incoming connections.
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