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No way to get URL we're redirected to #43

sylvinus opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Or did I miss something ? would be a useful property to add to the response object in case of redirects.


I had the same issue, and added the following line around line 239 - in the else clause just above the options._redirectsFollowed = 0; line

  response.uri = options.uri && options.uri.href ? options.uri.href : options.uri;

This lets you check the uri property of the response object.

@mikeal mikeal closed this in a10b6e4

now you can do:

function (err, resp, body) { resp.request.req })

there is all kinds of state you might want in the current request instance that you won't have if you're doing the whole call inline and not assigning the return value to a variable.

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