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callback isn't called on remote error? #441

zh99998 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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i have a small server written in nodejs and using request.
it will request several http server periodically then parse and output to client.

in Line 56:

  main = (servers)->
    _.each servers, (server)->
      request {url: server.index + '/?operation=getroomjson', encoding: 'binary'}, (error, response, body)->

this main function will be called every 5 seconds.
this script always goes down after hours or days. one or some http backends are choked, their request callback are not called anymore
i have tried to log before and in callback of request

console.log 'before request:' + server.index + '/?operation=getroomjson'
request {url: server.index + '/?operation=getroomjson', encoding: 'binary'}, (error, response, body)->
  console.log 'request callback:' + server.index + '/?operation=getroomjson'

it shows that request is called, but callback function is not called.

after this problem happened, just restart this script, it will workes again, and after a time it choke up again.

when in choking, access to http backend directly with curl, it works normally.


it happend mostly on bad network
i have many http backend server, and the one with bad network happens frequency.
and in rush hour it happens frequency.


i have added a requsting flag to prevent suspending too much request, and it still choke up


ooh....seems solved by adding a timeout, thanks #442 .
if it continue work in days, i'll close this issue..

@zh99998 zh99998 closed this
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