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addCookie needs to pass a request object to the Cookie constructor #459

tomhughes opened this Issue Mar 3, 2013 · 5 comments

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When addCookie calls new Cookie it should be passing an object that has a url member as the second argument as the cookie constructor will expect to be able to use that if the cookie attributes don't include a path.


Here's a simple test case that demonstrates the problem:

var request = require('request');

request("", function (error, response, body) {
@tomhughes tomhughes referenced this issue in mapbox/millstone Mar 3, 2013

Update underscore dependency #96

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mikeal commented Mar 3, 2013

what is the expected shape of the url property? the Request object has that property but it's a parsed uri object.


Well it does url.parse(req.url).pathname so I think it just wants it to be the text of the url.

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mikeal commented Aug 28, 2014

Is this still an issue?

This is so old I'm closing, if it is actually still an issue just let me know and I'll re-open.

@mikeal mikeal closed this Aug 28, 2014

My test case seems to work in newer versions of request so I suspect you're right.

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