pool:false disables proxy? #468

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I'm using the Charles proxy tool to debug an API issue. The API URL is over https, the proxy is http://localhost:8888. When I have pool:false in my request (per #467, etc), the connection goes through but doesn't hit the proxy. When I set pool:true, it hits the proxy.

Is this the expected behavior? It's not a big deal -- I'm just doing this to debug, and I can turn off pooling for this task -- but I wonder if this is a bug.


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is the URL you're connecting to HTTP or HTTPS?


The URL I'm requesting is over https, the proxy is http://localhost:8888.


I'm having the same issue connecting to a proxy server. I have to use pool: true to get the data to actually go to the proxy.

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this bug is in one of the dependencies, but i'm not sure that https proxying is allowed over http :(

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