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request image + r.pipe(fs.createWriteStream(...)) = bad file :( #47

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I'm trying to

var r = request({uri:'http://my-dev-ip/images/f68def8251d58fb9c9833168d8a7833a.gif', method:'GET'});

but the file that is being written is no good, for some reason. I have tried setting encoding for the response, with no luck. I also tried puling a profile pic from facebook, but with no better luck.

Sometimes the file seems to write completely blank. Yet when I request an html document, I have no problem writing that stream to a new file.

The simplicity of request makes this my failure all the more consternating. Help pls.


btw, you can shorten your code to


I was using request request@1.9.5 with node-v0.4.10-pre

I updated to request@1.9.9 and will try it out tomorrow morning first thing.



does this work now? i want to release 2.0 soon and i'm trying to get rid of all the pending bugs.


Sorry for the delay. (I thought I clicked to submit comment hours ago!)

Yes! Seems to be working fine, and with the shortened code as you provided. Thnx very much.

I have another question: What if I don't know the image file type I am requesting? That information will usually be in the response.headers. Is that object available to the writeStream?


you can still pass a callback to request that will be executed when the headers are received and you can check the content-type.

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