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Issues with Cookies being cleared on in version 2.22.1 #591

n99 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Noticed this version is accompanied with comments
"global cookie jar disabled by default, send jar: true to enable."
this is great :)

I've pulled down version 2.22.1 and am using it with default settings for a Basic Auth request.

However, I can still see cookies set from previous requests being sent with subsequent requests while snooping the http traffic.......

Also Is there a method to clear state at all? ie "request.clear()" or something?



any thoughts @threepointone ?


I just tried this (edit: with master)-

var r = request({url: '', jar: null}, function(err, res){
    console.log('req1', r.headers);
    console.log('res1', res.headers);
    var r2 = request({url: '', jar: null}, function(err, res2){
        console.log('req2', r2.headers);
        console.log('res2', res2.headers);

with jar as null, true, false. the headers seem to be as expected. @n99 - got a code sample I can see?


also, to clear state, simply use a new jar

request({url: '', jar: request.jar()}, function(err, res){});

new version was recently released.

@mikeal mikeal closed this
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