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Why isn't `url.query` accounted for? #60

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In the case that a pre-parsed url object is passed in for the uri option, is there a reason that the query object and/or string are never accounted for?

Essentially, I'm trying to append a query-param to GET requests, before shipping off the HTTP request with request. Something like this does not work:

Looking deeper into the code, it looks like node-core is the one who drops the ball on handling query. So the real question is, should request pre-process a passed in query option when present? I say yes!

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two things.

core should handle this better. there is some other work going on in the url parser this release so we should get a ticket in about this.

i want to hold on fixing in request until there is a discussion about how to fix it in core. i'll make request backport whatever fix that core comes up with, but i don't want the fix we put in to request to conflict with what is decided in core.

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we should fix this.


Might this be related to bug #204?

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Is this still an issue?

This is so old I'm closing, if it is actually still an issue just let me know and I'll re-open.

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