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Support for "Expect: 100-continue" #611

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You probably already know what this is, but if not, a client can send an Expect: 100-continue request header, giving the server a chance to respond either with 100 Continue or a different, final status code, before the client sends along the request body.

E.g. Amazon S3 recommends using this:

Node supports this perfectly in core -- if it sees an Expect: 100-continue client request header, it'll send the headers right away, and emit a continue event if/when the server responds with 100 Continue.

If the server responds with something else, e.g. a redirect or an error, that's a regular response event. And for robustness, the caller should also set a timeout to go ahead send the request body if the server doesn't respond.

Usually, when sending Expect: 100-continue, you should both set a timeout and listen for the continue event.

Conceptually, supporting this is straightforward: if the request headers include Expect: 100-continue, don't write the request body right away, and instead set this listener and timeout.

var written = false;

function writeBody() {
  if (written) { return; }
  written = true;
  // write body here

req.on('continue', writeBody);
setTimeout(writeBody, 500);

But I know it might be trickier in practice with the details. =)

Hope this helps either way, and thanks for the consideration!


+1 would love to see this

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