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fix request.defaults and 'close' event in response #22

wants to merge 3 commits into from

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  1. in request.defaults a typo and a misplaced return statement
  2. in request.defaults, override the options with default only if it is not set (===undefined)
  3. when receiving a close event on the response object, propagate also to the response as an end event.

Point 3. covers a case where the server hangs up on us in the middle of a response. Not sure it should be treated like an end event though. An specific error could make more sense.

request member

i'm a little concerned about this. once the bug in http responses is fixed and it properly emits "end" this might cause some bad side effects like end callbacks getting called twice.

Right. And it's unfortunately not the only event problem I'm getting with http.js. I guess I'll work around that somewhere outside request.

Closing the pull request.

request member

i'm gonna pull in these defaults fixes.

@clement clement closed this
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  1. +5 −4 main.js
9 main.js
@@ -230,7 +230,8 @@ Request.prototype.request = function () {
options._redirectsFollowed = 0;
// Be a good stream and emit end when the response is finished.
// Hack to emit end on close becuase of a core bug that never fires end
- response.on('close', function () {options.emit('end')})
+ response.on('close', function () { options.emit('end');
+ response.emit('end')})
if (options.encoding) {
if (options.dests.length !== 0) {
@@ -322,9 +323,9 @@ request.defaults = function (options) {
var def = function (method) {
var d = function (opts, callback) {
for (i in options) {
- if (!opts[i]) opts[i] = options[i];
- return method(opts, callback);
+ if (opts[i] === undefined) opts[i] = options[i];
+ return method(opts, callback);
return d;
@@ -334,7 +335,7 @@ request.defaults = function (options) {
de.put = def(request.put);
de.head = def(request.head);
de.del = def(request.del);
- return d;
+ return de;
request.get = request;
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