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proxy missing events from client request to returned stream #427

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A bunch of of events are missing from being emitted in the returned stream, socket, connect, upgrade, continue.

I'm only really interested in the socket event so I can use socket.emit('agentRemove') on it instead of having to increase the max sockets.

I'm aware I can also listen for the request event, which I can then listen to all of these events on. Wanted to know what you thought of this API design.

Thanks for an awesome library. :)


this doesn't merge cleanly, please reopen when it does.

@mikeal mikeal closed this
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Commits on Feb 5, 2013
  1. @fent
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12 main.js
@@ -779,6 +779,18 @@ Request.prototype.start = function () {
self.req.on('drain', function() {
+ self.req.on('socket', function(socket) {
+ self.emit('socket', socket);
+ });
+ self.req.on('connect', function(response, socket, head) {
+ self.emit('connect', response, socket, head);
+ });
+ self.req.on('upgrade', function(response, socket, head) {
+ self.emit('upgrade', response, socket, head);
+ });
+ self.req.on('continue', function() {
+ self.emit('continue');
+ });
self.on('end', function() {
if ( self.req.connection ) self.req.connection.removeListener('error', self._parserErrorHandler)
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