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vvision commented Mar 11, 2013

When using request with noproxy, check if the url requested must use a proxy (if present) or not. This allows requests on lan without having to change/disable the proxy parameter each time.

"noproxy" is a string containing hostnames. When using request with an url matching one of these hostnames, the specifed proxy won't be used.

So, this add a way to specify a list of hostnames that will not ever go through a proxy.

@vvision vvision referenced this pull request Mar 11, 2013

Add noproxy configuration #407

mikeal commented Mar 11, 2013

wasn't there another PR that did a map of hosts to proxies? i want to make sure the two features aren't in conflict and can't be merged.

vvision commented Mar 19, 2013

I've searched for another PR with the same feature and haven't found any.
Maybe you have in mind the previous closed version of this PR (request/request#407)?

Hi, is there any plan to merge this PR? Bower uses Request and I'm hoping Bower can support non-proxied hosts so we can use it internally.

mikeal commented Apr 27, 2013

actually, you can support this yourself with the redirect events. Just listen for the "redirect" event and then set your request instances proxy value.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

mikeal commented Aug 27, 2014

no longer merges cleanly :(

@mikeal mikeal closed this Aug 27, 2014
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