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OAuth1Session needs to re-sign redirected requests so that allow_redirect can function. #94

metatoaster opened this Issue Nov 21, 2013 · 4 comments

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Currently this is impossible to solve directly from this library as requests itself is at fault, as it does not provide facilities in the SessionRedirectMixin.resolve_redirects to call prepare_auth on the local PreparedRequest object to recalculate the OAuth signatures. This can probably be called after the prepare_cookies call.

Edit: can probably be done by overriding the send method so that it calls prepare_auth again, but that's hideous.

requests member

Then why aren't you opening this issue on requests?


Just giving this group a heads up before I go ahead and do it, as that issue only seem to affect OAuth1 due to its signature requirements.



requests member

Assuming this is resolved in new versions of requests + #118. Closing.

Please re-open if this is not the case.

@ib-lundgren ib-lundgren closed this Jun 6, 2014
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